"I have been a fan of the Aldo Zelnick series since Artsy-Fartsy came out. The students at my school rave about the books, and they are always asking when the next one is coming out. This series is great because of the humor combined with all the wonderful vocabulary words cleverly placed within the story. Keep them coming ladies—great job!"
— Sandy Scheirman, elementary librarian

"'Is the book here yet?' asked my son at the end of September, and he added, 'I really wouldn’t mind getting it for my birthday.' Really? An 8 (almost 9) year-old boy saying a book was fine for his birthday? Well, only when it is a book in the Aldo Zelnick series! Finicky continues the laugh-out loud adventures of 10-year-old Aldo Zelnick as he fights against F.E.A.S.T, the school’s new, healthy-yet pizza-less-lunch program and learns about Giuseppe Arcimboldo, the famous 16th century artist who painted portraits of people from food. My son couldn’t stop laughing! Kids are not only entertained by the characters but they also learn new words. Now, how cool is that?!"
— Denise B., SoCal City Kids


By: Karla Oceanak

Comic novel for kids
Published September 2012
For readers 7-13
160 pages
ISBN 978-1-934649-24-4

As Thanksgiving rolls around, Aldo Zelnick—a fifth-grade foodie if there ever was one—is flummoxed by his best friend Jack's refusal to try new food. Jack, who famously eats nothing but peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, is so finicky that he's even grown squeamish about Aldo's incessant talk about food. Yet even Jack gets fired up when Dana Elementary's cafeteria makes the switch to healthier fare. No more Pizza Monday? No more chocolate milk? Aldo and company decide to protest, creating a full-on fracas. Meanwhile, Bee's family opens a new restaurant serving local fare. All this and flash mobs, falcons, and all the fiddle-dee-dee and folderol this A-to-Z series is known for.

The humorous plot and lively drawings captivate enthusiastic and reluctant young readers alike. This fifth installment in the series also features a vocabulary-building glossary of fun and challenging words starting with the letter F, such as fluke, frenzy, finagle and many more.

Did you notice?
Aldo's idea to fashion a foodie self-portrait came from Guiseppe Arcimboldo, who way back in the 1500s painted lavish, realistic (yet at the same time surreal) portraits of people using fruit, vegetables, flowers, and even fish. Weird, huh?