The Aldo Zelnick comic novel series

The Aldo Zelnick comic novels are an award-winning, alphabetical series for middle-grade readers ages 7 to 13 (although many kids younger than 7 are reading them with grown-ups, too).

Rabid and reluctant readers alike enjoy the intelligent humor and drawings as well as the action-packed stories. They've been called "vitamin-fortified Wimpy Kids."

Part comic romps, part mysteries, and part sesquipedilian-fests (ask Mr. Mot), they're beloved by parents, teachers, and librarians as much as kids.

The series includes:

  • Artsy-Fartsy, published December 2009
  • Bogus, published June 2010
  • Cahoots, published May 2011
  • Dumbstruck, published October 2011
  • Egghead, published May 2012
  • Finicky, published September 2012
  • Glitch, published November 2012
  • Hotdogger, published September 2013
  • Ignoramus, published December 2013

PLUS – All Me, All The Time, a do-it-yourself, Aldo-style journal, published June 2012

Aldo Zelnick Gear

There's more to the Aldo store! Included with our books to the right is some great Zelnickian merch: a blank sketchbook, lunch sacks, an uber-cute apron, and three different shirts. Each item features something Aldo-related, from his face to scenes in the books, and is sure to be a hit with Aldo Zelnick fans both young and old.

When a warm March day beckons Aldo and his best friend, Jack, outdoors to their fort under the giant pine tree, stick-in-the-mud Aldo gets, well, stuck in the mud. As they dig Aldo’s sneakers out from the embankment, they unearth a humungous bone, which rock-hound Jack believes to be a dinosaur fossil from the Jurassic period.

Their hilarious quest to figure out the bone’s origin and

If there’s a more inopportune date for an elementary-school boy to have a birthday than February 14th, Aldo Zelnick wants to know what it is. With his 11th birthday—and Valentine’s Day—fast approaching, Aldo plans a guys-only party with absolutely no pink, lace, or hearts, thank you very much. But what will happen if the girls, who all seem to have a crush on Aldo’s friend, Danny, crash the party? In this story, told in part by Aldo’s friend-who-happens-to-be-a-

Just how humdrum is 10-year-old Aldo Zelnick’s life right now? So humdrum that he sets out to measure which January day will be the most boring. So humdrum that Jack and Bee succeed in getting him to try some weird hobbies. So humdrum that his recurring Hawaii dream has become way more enticing than real life. So humdrum that even unathletic Aldo agrees to downhill ski with his superjock brother, Timothy—and finds that hotdogging it on the slopes can be hazardous

All the rest of the Zelnicks like Christmas a lot, but Aldo, whose plan to get presents galore may have a glitch, does not. What’s this gobbledygook about giving being better than receiving? And what does the Giving Tree at the mall have to do with him, anyway? All this and nosy holiday gnomes, a glass-blowing grandma, and the generous helpings of goofiness this A-to-Z series keeps dishing out.

This seventh installment in the series also features a vocabulary-building glossary of

The perfect choice for anyone new to the Aldo Zelnick Comic Novel series, The Full Set (So Far) tells the story of 10-year-old Aldo's laugh-out-loud life from day one of summer vacation through Christmas—plus an Aldo-style do-it-yourself journal for kids to write and draw about their own lives.

But wait...there's more! The Full Set (So Far) from Bailiwick Press includes not only 8 books, but also: 

  • Each book is personally signed and inscribed by the author and

The perfect choice for anyone new to the series, The Aldo Zelnick Starter Set features Aldo's antics from day one of summer vacation through the first month of 5th grade.

Sure, you could find an internet bargain for the same 4 books... But as part of The Starter Set from Bailiwick Press, the lucky recipient will also get:

  • Each book personally signed and inscribed by the author and illustrator
  • A special Aldo Zelnick toy
  • Aldo Zelnick

With this fill-in-the-blank-style journal from the creators of the Aldo Zelnick comic novel series, kids will find it effortlessly fun to tell their own life stories. The “art-o-biography” format encourages both drawing and writing and gives mini-lessons on things such as shading sketches and choosing zingy verbs. Parents will enjoy reading their kids’ completed book, and children will love being the author and illustrator of an entire story all about themselves.

Journaling fun for the whole class! This set includes 30 copies of All Me, All The Time—the fill-in-the-blank-style journal from the creators of the Aldo Zelnick comic novel series. All copies in the set will be signed on the inside front cover by Karla and Kendra!

The “art-o-biography” format encourages both drawing and writing and gives mini-lessons on things such as shading sketches

In a scene from Cahoots

Do you have a loved one who’s a little cheesy? If so, this three-pocket apron could be the perfect accessory to put a smile on his or her face.

A colorful keeper for your MVPs (meats, veggies and proteins), this lunch sack will easily become the highlight of your day.

No need to save full-color funnies for Sunday any more! Illustrator Kendra Spanjer uses fabric markers to color and sign the Bacon Boy shirt of your choice for a special keepsake you can wear threadbare or treasure forever. For longer-lasting color, wash in cold water by hand or on the delicate

He’s a protein with power! A superhero with sizzle! Everyone’s favorite crispy character, Bacon Boy, strikes his most triumphant pose on this swell baseball shirt.

Start your own comic novel series—or simply record your daily life in words or pictures—using this handy Aldo sketchbook. Journal is kid-sized at 4.5 x 7” and a coordinating ball-point pen is included in an elastic loop at one side.

As Thanksgiving rolls around, Aldo Zelnick—a fifth-grade foodie if there ever was one—is flummoxed by his best friend Jack's refusal to try new food. Jack, who famously eats nothing but peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, is so finicky that he's even grown squeamish about Aldo's incessant talk about food. Yet even Jack gets fired up when Dana Elementary's cafeteria makes the switch to healthier fare. No more Pizza Monday? No more chocolate milk? Aldo and company decide to protest, creating a

It's October, and Aldo thinks he's Einstein. Gloating over his exemplary first-quarter grades and test scores, he even decides to dress as the iconic scientist for Halloween. But his bubble bursts when he realizes he's not excelling in one class, Español, and that the consequences may be more hurtful than a bad grade on a report card. Is Aldo's friendship with his bilingual best friend, Jack, at stake?

Look for enigma, éclair, eureka and lots more fun, challenging "E" words used

Poor Aldo.

It's September, and Aldo hates saying goodbye to his Slushies-and-sleeping-in summer schedule. At the store, while (horror-of-horrors) shopping for school supplies, he meets Danny—a deaf boy who will be a new student at Aldo's school. Danny challenges Aldo from day one, and it will take a lot of back-and-forth to figure out if they can get along.

But Danny's not the only new fly in Aldo's bacon grease. Aldo soon meets his cute new art teacher and finds himself doing

Summer is drawing to a close, and the Zelnicks travel to the family farm in Minnesota for their vacation. Aldo’s mom is eager for him to experience the things she loved as a girl…shucking sweet corn, milking cows, gathering eggs. A week of FRESH AIR and living off the land!

But Aldo suspects that farm life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be...and it’s worse than he feared. The rooster wakes him at dawn, the chores nearly do him in, and Timothy and the cousins—identical twin pranksters—

Ten-year-old Aldo Zelnick had decided it’s OK to be a little artsy-fartsy. So when his grandma Goosy gives Aldo a second sketchbook, he fills it with more hand-drawn comics, fun B words, and accounts of his everyday adventures.
In Bogus, Aldo and his best friend, Jack, find a ring in the storm grate on their street. Convinced it's a fake, Aldo goofs

Aldo Zelnick is the star of a new comic novel series for children by author Karla Oceanak and illustrator Kendra Spanjer. Ten-year-old Aldo lives with his family in Colorado. He's not athletic like his older brother, he's not a rock hound like his best friend, but he does like bacon. And when his artist grandmother, Goosy, gives him a sketchbook to "record all his artsy-fartsy ideas" during summer vacation, it turns out Aldo is a pretty good cartoonist.

In addition to an engaging